Empathy Towards New Parents

empathy towards new parents

Empathy towards new parents

Imagine starting a new job at an intermediate position.. you know what’s expected of you – but you’re nervous – you’re awkward, don’t know who to approach for help yet, because it’s too soon to decide who’s genuine and who’s going to find solace in your struggle.

Now multiply all these emotions of ‘the first day at a new job’ by 60!!

This is what new parents go though several times a day for multiple months while they work on gathering knowledge, exploring parenting styles, and figuring out what works best for themselves and their little ones.

If you happen to be around a parent(s) during this adjustment and alignment phase here’s what you can do to help:

  • Appreciate their efforts and let them know they are doing the best they can
  • Offer a helping hand – entertain the baby for a bit while the parents take a breather
  • Ask them how they are – and check in with them about their mental health

Here’s what not to do:

  • Give advice without being 110% sure the parent(s) will welcome it
  • Tell them they are doing things differently than anyone else you’ve seen or yourself
  • Make them feel like they are failing at managing their baby
  • Make their temporary parenting hurdles an elaborately discussed topic in a social setting
  • Remind them of everything they can’t do at the moment because they are aligning their lives to accommodate the newest member of their family

Discuss their change in appearance or tardiness as a result of becoming parent

You might not intend to hurt or offend them … But the parents themselves being a little disoriented and fragile at times may fall prey to a whole swarm of anxiety ridden thoughts and mini heartbreaks.

Let’s be more compassionate to people around us ❤️

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