Nakheel Mall food court 

Nakheel Mall Food court

Review: Nakheel Mall food court 

04th September 2020 Nadia Kazmi Hussain 


We decided one evening to set out quite late to see what the new Nahkeel Mall on the Palm was all about…

Nakheel Mall Food Court

First impression not going to lie, I was like, why has this place been recommended to me, it looks like any of the other malls. Then I stumbled upon Waitrose – always a winner in my eyes.

Here I can buy my Wether’s originals (if you haven’t tried these, they are a gorgeous British sweet, or as some call, candy). Got some Grenadine and Elderflower cordial and I was good to go. We kept walking and came upon their Japanese inspired food court (Nakheel Mall Food Court) ….

Nakheel Mall Food

Love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It was so cute.


It really reminded me of the food court in Harrods or something like that. The lighting was ambient, the music was gentle and not taking away from the effect at all. We kept walking around and around. Unfortunately it was about 10.30pm by the time we got there so most of the food establishments in that particular food court had closed. However there was so much to look at that it didn’t matter.


Nakheel Mall

The decor is very much what’s on trend right now, exposed metal work and wood work. Plants and greenery everywhere. The food display counters were dotted around like in a jewellery department. And the display of all the treats really attracts the eye.

I know I said it’s a Japanese inspired food court, but I think that’s only the decor and some of the eateries.

There were so many choices – there was Japanese, Italian, Greek, British.

Nakheel Mall food Booths

There was even a very unique cheese tasting corner with barrels full of cheese, next to a secret bar for tourists and non Muslim residents. It’s behind closed doors so as curious as I was to see what was going on in there I couldn’t get a look. But that just makes it all the more intriguing!!!

The only thing serving at this late hour was M’oishi so we got one in Lotus, Strawberry Cheesecake and Dark chocolate, and as I’m sure most of you already know.

These gelatinous ice cream treats are absolutely divine! 

M'oishi gelatinous delectable treats

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