The Farm Al Barari : Review

the farm al barari

The Farm Al Barari : Review

Nadia Kazmi Hussain
30th November 2020

the farm Barari, Dubai

So I’ve heard many nice things about the farm but I actually wasn’t really so sure what to expect. I planned to go there a while back but it was a Friday and when we arrived we were told we needed a prior reservation so that was a bit of a fail. The nature walks close by are also closed at the moment but I’m sure when they are back up and running that will be something nice to look forward to.

the farm barari Dubai

Back to the Farm – this time I made a reservation.


The actual drive to the Farm is beautiful, with tree lined boulevards – something out of the trench riviera almost!


We chose to sit outside as the weather is cooling down and you have to make the most of these opportunities. For our mains we ordered the four cheese pizza – a nice basic but I have tasted better pizza.

dessert the farm barari

Dessert was a trio for two – now that is something to talk about – a gorgeous chocolate ganache so rich that the portion size was almost too much for one person alone. The cheesecake – a nice little in-betweener before the creme brûlée which was the piece de resistance! Absolutely divine with a twist of lime just for that something extra!

The best part of the farm is obviously the landscaping – the water way and the pond and the sound of water are all what give you that real feel of escapism.

Overall I would definitely recommend it for the vibe. It’s very relaxed with a gentle atmosphere where you can sit for a while (only two hours allowed at the table) and enjoy a nice meal or dessert and drinks. It’s somewhere nice to come with the girls and have a good catch up. Would I recommend it for kids – well, you will need to keep an eye on them as it’s by water so maybe not. The food is lovely but not the best if that’s what you’re specifically going for, but overall, a lovely few hours can be spent relaxing there.


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