Boosting Confidence

Simple Ways to Boost Confidence 

Here at Mama ME we take our self confidence very seriously. As Mamas we all need to support one another and boost each other’s courage so here are a few ways to do that…


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Get things done

If you achieve your goals you will feel better about yourself. Start small- as a Mama it’s not easy to find time even to apply a slick of mascara so if you can do that believe me you are already on a winner. If you are meeting your daily goals, then you are probably meeting your weekly and monthly goals. Just the fact you are achieving these things will give you that little added assurance you might need.

Mental monitor 

As a Mama you have so many things to do and think about. Your brain has to do multiple things and once and you have so many decisions to make. Give your brain and write them down. You can check off things from your list so you can monitor your progress, which again, will boost your spirit.

Do what you think feels right 

Most confident people believe in what they are saying and doing. They live by a value system and their core morals. Sometimes they have to make sacrifices but they still prefer to follow these values because they know these are right and what they deem as good, and knowing your own boundaries and ethics will give you the confidence to follow what you think is right, regardless of having to justify it to others or not.


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Confidence and self belief isn’t just a mental attitude – it’s a physical focus as well. The hormones released during exercise not only make you feel good, but exercise is also an achievement and the effects of it are long lasting and will make you feel even more self assured.

Fearless and fabulous

Being brave is not easy, sometimes you have to go against the grain. Have faith in your instincts and follow your heart. Be proud to stand up for yourself and for what you believe and don’t let anyone tell what is right or wrong because as a Mama not only will you need to be confident for yourself, but for your baby too. Your children need to see a feisty protective mother so they can also grow up valuing themselves and valuing their mother.

Listen but in one ear and out the next

It’s great to value others’ opinions and to take advice if that’s something you wish to do, but ultimately you shouldn’t really worry or care about what others think of you. If you are happy and proud, if you aren’t causing disrespect to anyone around you or causing any undue hurt, then just don’t care what people say and think about you. Most unpleasant feelings towards people are caused by their own insecurity and jealousy so ultimately, let anything negative wash over you.



Be Happy

Ultimately Mama, it comes down to happiness. Do what makes you happy, and any activities which brighten up your day, like dressing up in your favorite outfit, or going for a massage, this will boost your poise and put a spring in your step which will help your resolution to be the best version of yourself.


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